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MegaBox HD App | Download MegaBox Latest Version 1.0.2

Download Megabox – Hello friends, Welcome to this site again. As you know that we are here to provide you the information about the awesome entertaining app megabox that let you download and stream a movie or any other video on your device.

And today, we are going to tell you about the latest version 1.0.2 of Megabox HD. And we will tell you that how many changes are present in the new version of this app.

MegaBox HD Apk

As many of you don’t know that this app updates now and provide you the latest version of this app. And for this reason, we are publishing this article which helps you to know about the latest version of this app.

Guys at first we are going to thank you for visiting this site and we hope that you will get all the information from this article that you want.

And guys if you don’t know about the megabox HD app then let me tell you this app is an entertaining app that gives you some awesome functions like saving any video or movie on your device or you can also know all the information of any video or movie like their cast and director etc through this app.

And if you want to know more about this app then you can read all the latest feature of this app.

Download Megabox

Features Of MegaBox HD App And Download Megabox 1.0.2-

Now it’s time to share the features of this app. Guys as you already know that this app has amazing features and functions. As this app let you stream live shows, movies etc.

And guys after updating this app to that latest version you will definitely get new features and some updated functions.

Guys, you will be happy after getting know that the interface of this app is now more simple and easy to operate. even you don’t need any manual or guide which explains to you how to use this app.

So let’s talk about the new features of the latest version 1.0.2 of this app.

  • You will get some bugs fixed on the new version.
  • Also, can directly go to saved videos folder.
  • And you can download many videos together
  • Newly released movies will be present on the homepage.
  • Its new interface is more smooth and easy to operate.

That’s not the end of new features. You will definitely get more features after downloading megabox HD. Now a question can arise in your mind that is how to update megabox app to the latest version which is 1.0.2 in your device.

And we will help you in this confusion also. And for that let’s jump to the next paragraph in which we put some easy steps to download the new update of this application.

How To Update MegaBox Latest Version –

Friends, for updating this app you have to face some confusing procedure that can easily irritate you or can frustrate you.

If you want to get rid of that confusion then you need to follow few simple steps that help you to get rid of this confusion easily.

For your comfort, we are going to share some easy steps for update megabox. And guys if you want to update this app then you have to read this full article.

And if you have not Download Megabox yet then you should try it once as we can suggest you to download this app and trust me you will never regret after Download Megabox  So now jumps to the steps below:-

Let’s Give Look –

  • At first, open the megabox and go to the settings.
  • Now search the update option.
  • Then download the new update of this app which is 1.0.2 by clicking the update option.


  • Open the emulator on your device. (blue stacks app or vShare app).
  • Go to the downloaded application folder and search the icon of megabox HD.
  • Then click it and a screen will be shown on the screen with an update option on it.
  • Click it the update option for downloading the new version 1.0.2.

Guys these are our easy and simple steps which can be followed by you for the update this application to the latest version. And I don’t think that any person cannot operate this application as this is very easy to operate even for the first time.

So, friends, this was our article in which we made all the procedures very short and easy which can easily understand by our viewers.

Now if you have any other query or you have any other confusion regarding megabox Apk then you can contact us. Feel free to contact us as we are here only for you.

You can also see our other articles on this app on our site. We, hope guys, you liked this article and it is also useful for you. And don’t forget to share this app with your friends with whom you want to enjoy watching movies.

Do, explore our site to get more information about the megabox hd app and everything about the download megabox for Android, iOS, and PC too.

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